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Log Monitor Export



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You may be an experienced hardware-software or system engineer, or a college student making his or her first steps towards a designer career or looking for a handy software for fine-tuning any software-hardware utility. Whatever the case may be, look no further than our Log Monitor Export, for it will meet all of suitable technical needs. This program is specifically helpful for administrators who have to stay on top of a big system consisting of DB, files systems, or multiple different programs running all at the same time. Even for single computer customers, these monitoring programs can prove useful to provide a high level of control over an operating system's activities. Log Monitor Export can operate as a Windows XP service, which means that you can use it on servers or customers, may save on or off the workstation, , the solution will still be there collecting suitable information. Our Log Monito & Export also comes with inherent notification or even scripting capabilities. That is, in the case that anything remarkable is found in any of the logs that the application is currently monitoring, it could simply create an email to the human administrator, or even do a preprogrammed response. This saves administrators a lot of tedious labor in looking through manifold different logs, , frees their time for more important and complex administration tasks. Astonishing functionality at an affordable price! Key features:* monitors many log files at the same time;* monitors local and remote log files;* real-time or schedules optimized monitoring;* utilizes different log file types;* supports date/time stamping;* enables archive , pack log files;* log records exporting to ready-to-use M$ Access file;* log records export to SQLServer DB;* can send of notifications about incidents in log-file;* simple, dialog-driven set-up;* available plug-in modules to extend software features.

Systems: Windows

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